Successful schools offer all students opportunities to excel in a variety of academic areas. Cardinal Newman School offers content not only in core subject areas, but also in art and music, foreign languages, physical education and religious education. We also strive for excellence by seeking out new and innovative programs, professional development for our teachers and a strong commitment to offering the best education for your child.

Cardinal Newman School focuses on developing the whole person by integrating key areas of human development: the spiritual, the intellectual, the physical and the emotional/social. We strive to provide an environment that is not only safe and supportive, but also academically and spiritually rich, continually challenging your student.

By keeping class sizes small, students are guaranteed personal attention from our entire faculty. Any student experiencing difficulty in their coursework can seek help from the teacher of that course. All teachers are available to meet with students to offer extra help, assist with study problems, make-up missed work or address other difficulties. The personal care and dedication of these talented, education professionals provides your student the best possible education.

Our curriculum is built on high academic standards in all core subject areas. We believe the skills and knowledge gained from a diverse curriculum, focusing on enriching the whole student: mind, body and spirit, will fully prepare our students for life in a rapidly changing, diverse and complex society.

Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Integrity implies the promotion of student responsibility and honesty in academic endeavors by practicing appropriate, honest and legal use of information and ideas. Because Academic integrity is so foundational and consistent without Christian Mission at Cardinal Newman, violations will be dealt with firmly and quickly.