Graduation Requirements
Cardinal Newman School has distinguished itself by choosing to implement a flexible collegiate schedule. This type of schedule empowers our students to earn up to 4 additional credits for graduation. Ninth, tenth and eleventh graders are required to schedule 8 full credits per year.  Seniors may choose to take only 6 credits for their final year. 
Graduation Requirements:
Theology   - 4 credits 
English - 4 credits
Speech/Intro to Research - 0.5 credits
Mathematics -Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and one elective math - 4 credits
Lab Science - Biology, Physics, Chemistry - 3 credits 
Social Studies - Early U.S. History, Modern US History, Govt., Econ. - 3 credits 
Foreign Language - All three must be in the same language. - 3 credits 
Technology Education - 1 credit
Physical Education/Health - 1 credit 
Fine and Performing Arts - 1 credit 
Electives - One must be a fourth year of lab science or foreign language - 5.5 credits 
An additional requirement is the SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the Senior Social Justice Exit Project.  You may access additional information about this project by going to the "High School" tab on the homepage of the website and selecting "Senior Project Requirement" on the drop-down menu under "Academics".
Total Minimum Required for Graduation - 30 credits plus successful completion of the Senior Social Justice Exit Project